Fitness Gold has a spacious gym equipped with the latest strength and cardio equipment of the Italian World Famous brand TechnoGym. The diversity of modern simulators is great and can satisfy the whims of every customer who knows what the quality of the training process.

Boutique Fitness GOLD, you will find qualified instructors who develop a personal training program tailored to your personal health, lifestyle and the time you have available. Depending on the frequency of visits, the instructors divided muscle groups in different combinations days, taking into account the specifications of the client's problem areas and other criteria.

We offer a variety of services to maintain your body good tone and mood:

Sauna and steam bath

Rehabilitation programs carried out by physiotherapist- made ​​to individual program for health and beauty, tailored to the individual situation of the patient, as well as special programs for local impact of body parts - in knee pain, spurs, cellulite, back pain and others.

Boutique fitness GOLG has protein juice bar, where you will be pampered with a variety of fresh juices, aromatic cup of coffee and a wide selection of relaxing teas and refreshing complementing our stylish and comfortable atmosphere.

Garden - a great place for your party or event!